The essence of my mission is to experience oneness in my life and to promote this experience in the world. I feel the need to define oneness. Oneness is the absolute truth of existence. A relative truth of existence is separation, the dream of our individual selves substantiating the illusion of our isolation by perceiving everything as an object. There is a certain truth to this perspective but the greater truth is that we are a sea of intermingling energy and we are a whole lot more alike than different. This experience of oneness is in itself spiritual enlightenment. However, what I know about true awakening is that it cannot be attain in the ordinary sense of the word and I make no claim to have been graced by this absolute state. What I can assert is that oneness is the essential truth and needs to be emphasized in this modern world of separation. Therefore, I pledge to point myself in the direction of oneness however I can do this, through metaphysical practices, personal character, creative expression, actions and through the causes for which I give support.




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